A research moment to make me smile


I enjoy when my areas of research interest incidentally coincide. I am currently working on a research project based in Rochester, N.Y. In order to contextualize the work, I am learning more about local women’s history. Today, I am scanning  the earliest local publication for women, “The Rochester Gem and Ladies’ Amulet: Devoted to Literature and the Arts” Originally titled, “Rochester Gem: A Semi-monthly Literary and Miscellaneous Journal”, it ran from 1829 until 1843.*
The 7 January 1843 issue (v.15, no.1, p10) (masthead above)  contains the following:

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart” appears in the dedication of my PhD thesis, so it made me smile to find it.

* A link to an incomplete digitized form of the serial is available from the Rochester Public Library: https://roccitylibrary.org/digital-collections/historic-serials-collection/historic-serials-gem-gateway/   



About Mary Beth Kitzel

I am the founder and director of the Field School in Deaf Geographies. A recent graduate of the University of Sussex, my thesis is titled, 'Chasing Ancestors: Searching for the roots of American Sign Language in the Kent, 1620-1851' and is available at http://sro.sussex.ac.uk/48877/ My most recent work is on the earliest charity school for the deaf in England, The London Asylum. The article can be found on the Resources page.
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